Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Walking Around Rome Monday

Today we really just walked around aimlessly for about 6 hours, great exercise but nothing much to report.  Here's a pictorial, starting with the last beer of last night (I checked a few others into Untappd, but I've been pretty slack about referencing the drinking!).

Brianna walked into a random small shop can came out with two beers. I can't get upset when Brianna likes the beer label, buys the beer and it's an Imperial IPA...!


Nice  work Marcus, I think people will remember this one

Panorama 1

Panorama 2

 Out and About

Awesome Dinner

I was walking past a fairly nondescript window on a stroll looking for a nice place for dinner. The prices were n't excessive and the menu seemed much nicer than 20 types of pasta and a fish. When we looked inside the restaurant was wonderfully quaint and we instantly fell in love with it. We were very impressed with the service, what seemed authentic Italian food (not tourist crap) and very reasonably priced wines. 5 stars from us! The restaurant was called Ditirambo.

All fine alcohol is equal, right?

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