Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Tuesday Rome-ing Around

Today we had another massive walking day.  We trundled off and saw all the religious peeps in the Vatican at the Sistine chapel and St Peters Basilica. There were some interesting people there and I shall say no more on that. We allowed ourselves to get hustled by a "skip the line" tour salesman. I can't believe how incredibly dodgy these guys are. We walked aobut 5 minutes away from St Peter's square to a small office off a side street. We were then presented with a sticker that said English which was the identification for which tour guide to be with. Our tour guide came out of nowhere 10 minutes after hanging around and proceeded to walk with such gusto that half the group went missing, being stuck behind other pedestrians in the busy streets of Rome. Finally we got to another office, where we were handed over to another "tour guide" who gave us a new sticker "Inglese" and proceeded to walk with the same tempo as our previous guide to the Vatican museums entrance. Here the magic was cast, as he attached us to another tour group by saying "Hi this, is Jane, follow her". Well we got a tour. It was pretty crap but we did skip the line, which was immense, Here is a view inside the front door once we passed the airport security-esque xray maachines

I shudder to think how much money is made from this tourism alone.
Without much pomp and ceremony (which we saw both of in the Vatican) here's a bunch of statues!

this guy looked pretty relaxed

"err.. what are you doing..."
Amazingly detailed roof

After the Vatican we then proceeded to walk like crazy around Rome again. We'd easily be doing 15-20 Kms of walking but I'm heartily making up for it with the beer intake. I mean, I don't want to fade away!

We ended up at this bar for a quick leg rest. Shit beer to say the least. I thought it was terrible,  but the manager thought it was even worse than I did and took it off me and poured a different beer. Never thought people would be pouring beer out on me, that's what I do to other people, though normally with the pretense of them trying a new variety.

Well this bar really likes sex. So much so, "Sex Drinks" is its own section in the drinks list.

But don't worry, they still have one more "sex" cocktail on the list 

Sadly, Brianna and I opted for a Spritz instead.

"Mmm I have ALL the Spritz!"
After this little stop we walked back to the hotel and had a half our siesta and then went back out for our last dinner in Rome. Obviously, it had to be a beery one!


  1. I'll have two spritz please with three straws (looks that way to me, anyhow)