Saturday, 13 June 2015

Tridentum and Around Trento

Not much to talk about today (Friday 12/06). We strolled around town and saw the archaeological site of Tridentum. They were playing what looked like Spartacus with Italian voice over on several projector screens throughout the exhibition, intermingled with computer generated graphics (ha!) of the original structure, housing and amenities of Tridentum. It was very well put together and nice to walk on the original road, constructed of local red limestone, and see the original layout of some of the builldings. Really great job.

Science Museum to the Left, Heritage in front

Very Boring Lunch!

"In the glory of the Trentino people died for their country shine 
forth as the venturi(?) the virtues of three generation"
Notice that Cesare Baptiste is one of those on the role.

Beautiful City
 Brianna's father's friend took us out for an aperitif and a bit of a walk around the city, where this previous three photos come from.

Nice Spot for Dinner
We had dinner at this place and the guy wouldn't let us leave. Cafe? Limoncello? Schnaps? Grappa... My god it was raining hard.. at least it was in this garden. When we finally stumbled out it wasn't raining at all! Did he really have a sprinkler system running into this alfresco area so we thought it was bucketing down... I think so!
Great food!


  1. Is this the Nathan Munt I know? Eating? Walking?

  2. walking so much, eating so much... I think the eating is winning