Sunday, 14 June 2015

Saturday in Trento - Lunch and Selfies

I may have been a bit lengthy in my last couple of posts, probably making up for the lack of beer photos! I will keep it a little more brief from now, as really the beer week in Belgium/Amsterdam should be the major beer posting. Now we have some shopping to do and tomorrow we will drive to Forst brewery north of Balzano (which is about 1 hour north of Trento),

Yesterday (Saturday) we had a lovely lunch at a small restaurant/cucina in Malga Brigolina in the mountains south of Trento. The waiter was very relaxed and very friendly. They had two artiginale beers from Germany (really sick of German beer! Sorry Germans, just want some variety is all). As they were the only beers on the menu I did my duty and tried them both. I have to guess but I think they were both ales (not lagers). One was unfiltered, the other was filtered but they tasted to be exactly the same brew (minus the yeast on the filtered version). My notes were, cloudy, a nice mouthfeel and bitterness from the yeast, but no complexity. Some noble hop balance to give it some character and an almost imperceptible maltiness on the nose. Basically a smashing beer meant to be imbibed in large volumes. I preferred the unfiltered, as it had a better mouthfeel and more flavour from the yeast suspended in the beer. Which is why I think they're ales, lager yeast is generally horrid.

We stopped on the drive back from lunch and took some photos looking over Trento. We've had some fairly overcast and sometimes showery moments but it's been quite warm and humid, making the showers quite refreshing. It's interesting to see that every spare inch of garden, nature strip and farm is covered in grape vines - a really good use of space!

We then went to Castel Toblino situated on a lake of the same name. It was very picturesque and pretty and I'm getting the feeling this is where Eveline and Alessandro (pictured a bit further down) would like to tie the knot (if and when that happens) :)

Not quite a selfie...

Looking at the castle from the bottom of a hill

Amazing views from every spot!

We then visted Birra Rethia, where we tried a few of their beers. American Ale, Blanche (blanche seems to be the Australian equivalant of a Golden Ale (everyone has one!), an American Pale and a Belgian Dark Strong.
Looking in the front door - their beer selection
Christiano is the guy who creates all the recipes and he runs the brewery with three other brewers. They work around the clock in 8 hours shifts on some fairly small equipment (looked like a 100 litre mash tun) in order to keep up with demand. They recently won an award for their American IPA and as a result had none to try! Nothing like an award to boost sales!
Alessandro, Eveline, me, Christiano and Brianna
I particularly like their Belgian Dark strong and thought their blanche was a really easy drinker and was very fresh. So I bought a few bottles of them, This is their website:

Belgian Dark Strong - really well constructed beer

 Alessandro also brought me his faovurite a beer from his favourite brewery. I'm going to see if I can get some of this shipped back to Australia, as I want to do the same for some beers inBelgium

Look forward to this!
Lastly we had dinner with some of Eveline's friends, whom Brianna had met when she was here 3 years ago. Really nice crowd of people and a great night. One of her friends, Giulia, mentioned a bar in Trento with over 100 beers on tap.  Guess what I'm about to get up and do right now...!

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