Thursday, 18 June 2015

Remember, Most Belgian Beer is Strong

We left the hotel and headed directly for dinner. What we found out was that Bruges is particularly quiet early in the week and has down days on Tuesday and Wednesday. We'd also been warned that unlike Italy where dinner was available until quite late in the evening, Belgian's tend to eat earlier and it was difficult to find a restaurant after 9. As a result restaurant options were already limited when we set out around 7pm.

We headed to the famous t' Brugs Beertje beer cafe where a photo of the great Michael Jackson (he wears two gloves, not one) in the cafe and a tribute photo adorned the walls of the very quaint, very small cafe. It had a fabulous warm and welcoming feel and the staff were very friendly. If you've not seen the Beerhunter series, you really should watch it. Michael tells the story of beer around the world as it was around 1980. The footage is a bit dodgy but the content is excellent, especially "The Burgundies of Belgium". You can find them on You Tube if you search for Beer Hunter. There is also the site which lists some of his articles and information.

First picture is featuring the Brugse Zot Blond from Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan. A very easy drinking 6.5% blonde with a crisp and refreshing taste.

The second photo is the Troubador Donker. A little heavier at 9.2%, this beer was nutty and very chocolatey! It went down a treat but may have been a little heavy as a second beer. Fortunately we opted to share a bottle of 11% Deus, Brut des Flandres (Champagne beer basically), which was very dry and you'd easily be let off for not believing it was made with malt!

After this we went looking for dinner, however, everything was closed. We stopped for one last beer at a heavily English populated bar (name has been erased from memory) and then did the nastiest thing we could think of and went to McDonalds... It was closed too! It was 10:30 at night! A heavy drinking night and no dinner did not bode well for the morning!

Last visions before bed

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