Friday, 5 June 2015

Prior to Festival Opening Night

Back to Open Baladin (which I have been informed was founded by Leo and Teo of Birra del Borgo) for a quick beer before heading to Borgorose for opening night of the Birra del Borgo 10 year Anniversary festival.
You know how you love that Friday night dinner, picking at your own antipasto? Well here is the king of that, only a few short hours before night time, but at night time in Melbourne! Parma ham with bufala cheese inside. Yum!

A great day walking around Rome and seeing some historical sights. You can't help but gape and be stunned in awe at the sheer scale and detail of the ancient city. I may know a bit about Ancient Rome but seeing the Circus Maximus and realising the engineering brilliance to create such a huge arena without modern machines stands up and slaps reality in the face! The Coloseum was ace too.

Here are some gratuitous shot of the ancient city

We will be back in Rome for 3 days on Sunday night and looking forward to checking out some sights in greater detail. We didn't bother with the forum as the queue was monstrous, so see you next time!
Until the next post!

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