Friday, 5 June 2015

Germans... They know all the rules

N.b. last three posts are uploaded from Thursday 4/6 night now I'm on WiFi :). In order it would be Barley Wine, Germans and their rules, well same problem as Australia!
We met a couple of gay Germans whilst trying out the barley wine. Lovely blokes but very inclined to explain how beer should be, which is to say bland and simple. I gave them sessionable. Very fortunately they found their favourite Bavarian beer only two doors down. So we trundled off to give it a whack..
Well. I must say, I agree. For all German lager fans out there, this beer is fantastic. Its easy to drink, has a great and full malt characteristic (for a lager), perfectly hop balanced with the bittering and a touch of noble hop spiciness in the aroma and finish. It is full flavour, for a lager. It has only one dimension though and lacks complexity. This beer fulfills only "schnitzel" as a food pairing. I would like to point out, it is a lager, if that's what you're about then this beer is for you. 10 out of 10 in my book. But its just a lager (to make it clear)
Great beer. Lager. Thanks Lieutenant Gruber 1 and 2!
On the other hand the same bar had delium tremens on tap. Brianna was seeing the pink elephants half way through her glass. Not sure where she picked up this love of strong Belgian ales, but I'd be so bold as to claim I had something to do with it!

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