Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Final Day in Trento

With a little sadness we have had our final day in Trento before train (Veneto), train (Venice), train (Treviso) and flying into Brussels (then train to Bruges).

Trento didn't give us the best of weather for the last couple of days, with intermittent rain and generally overcast, but it was still beautiful and warm. The food was amazing and definitely made up for not spending any time at the many lakes in the region.

We went to the Artigianal beer bar we had meant to go to the previous day (Sunday) but found the "la spina" selection very limited with only 3 beers pouring. One light English, an Italian weizen and an Italian IPA. I  tried the IPA and was pleansantly suprised by thehop character, but was once again a little let down by the mouthfeel and carbonation. Brianna had the English beer and commented it tasted like water. As a result I finished with a Rochefort 8, hard to go wrong and I wasn't sure if I should be drinking commercially available beer when I went to Belgium, so this wasn't really cheating.

Eveline met us at this bar and we walked around the city for about 30 minutes before going to an interesting place for dinner. We got some last minute happy snaps, which are below.

Why must we go?!
Eveline, Alessandro, Monica and Stefano took us to a quirky and lovely little restaurant called Loto. Loto had very nice Italian food, with an emphasis on cuisine local to the Trentini region. This was an excellent way to finish the trip as the food was equal with the best we'd had so far on our journey.
Beer menu for last night's dinner
The people are what made the stay here special and we really thank Eveline and Alessandro for taking us around the region on Sunday and too many great feasts. I will be making sure bufala and prosciutto is on the list of starters at my beer parties in future!

Brianna's Trentini friends Riccardo and Danielle also provided us with beautiful hospitality and were incredibly generous with their time and for chats. We had a lovely time and look forward to visiting these friends again at some time in the future!

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