Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cesare Batiste Memorial and Morning in Trento

Today (13/06) we walked up to the Cesare Batiste Monument which is across the river and up in the hills. It  involved many steps but was a very nice walk in overcast and humid environment. What became obvious is that the beautiful architecture (14-18th Century) continued across the river.

Brianna had her watch measure the distance which calculated 2.7 km. Damn thing must be broken, at least I'm a bit broken after all the stairs and elevation! There were so many stairs! Here is the chronoloical sequence of staircases *play some funky car chase music now*(please note, all captions reference Dune, the movie, as getting to some very close spaces required the folding of time and very often, steps, much like a movie that went on too long).

A beginning, is a very delicate time...
Know then that it is the year 10,191

The Known Universe is ruled by the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV

OMG thank hell those time shifting worms were here

Beautifully, at the end of the steps were a few things to see. The most important of which was the memorial for the national hero (Austro-Hungarian turncoat) Cesare Battiste. 

All views are grand in Trento, hard to give justice with the phone camera

My interpretation is an old Church, judging the outlay. 

WWI? Certainly, nationalistically had significance over WWII
View of Trento from the Monument

 It was a lot easier coming down!


We then decided to take the cable car to the top of the hill, but after so much walking I decided to have a quick beer first as it is 7pm in Australia.

The view from the cable car was pretty impressive

For lunch we are visitng a place called Malgo Brigalina over Monte Bondore. This is going to be pretty special I've been told, so really looking forward to it!

We will be visiting a small "Artiginale" brewery this afternoon after lunch, in the Trento suburb of Vezzano.

[edit] we visited said Brewery, but as a result, I should say more on it later.

Cin Cin!

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