Friday, 12 June 2015

Castello Buonconsiglio, Forst and Dinner

Today (June 11th) we walked to Castello Buonconsiglio in Trento which is an old castle dating to medieval times(13th Century). The castle has been through a few wars and most recently was used by the Austro-Hungarian empire as a base in Trento,which they then owned. They also used a section of it as a jail for political prisoners and implemented various forms of torture. The most famous of these prisoners was Cesare Battisti, whom was of Austrian Citizenship, born in Trento but believed in Trento being part of the Kingdom of Italy, which prior to World War I it wasn't. This movement was called the Italian irredentism movement and had some support with majority Italian speaking cultural centres in the North. He then proceeded to assist the Northern Italian-ethnic regions to fight back against the Austro-Hungarian Empire into and during World War I. He was captured and faced court-martial in 1916 where he was sentenced to death for High Treason. In his prison cell inside the castle is a bronze wreath monument with his name on it, as a patriot for independencethe region. I didn't get many photos of the castle itself  but here's a couple looking back onto it from the gardens and then one of the stairwells inside. There were murals all over the walls and were mostly visible with some still being vibrant.
Some of the Wall and Ceiling Artwork

View in the Castello (Castle) Gardens

View looking back along the castle

More interesting for me, was the museum, which showed the history of the region. It was absolutely resplendent with social change from about 10,000 years ago. From stone tools and jewelry to early bronze and iron adornments fashioned in Greco-Roman style. The tribes in this area were referred to as the Rhaetians and are widely believed to have developed language and culture from the Etruscans. There was a depiction of the Greek, Etruscan and Rhaetian alphabets side-by-side which showed a very strong alignment between the Etruscan and Rhaetian alphabets. There is a rapid change in styling to be more Gallic during the 3rd-4th century B.C., aligning with the Gallic sacking of Rome ~390 B.C..  The artifacts then trend back towards Rome as the Romans slowly took over the Mediterranean and  Gaul

Bronze weapons and Helmets (3-4 Century BC)
Iron tools

Roman Coins

What Claudius Says, Happens
Not letting the day get ahead of us without a beer, we went to the Forst bar in Trento's old city. This was a lovely, very German styled bar which had typical German beers on tap. I tried each one, as you do when you're a professional! The pilsner was typical style. Noble hops, clean, light body and very easy to drink but refreshing. The helles bock was quite boring in my opinion. It had a fuller body than the pils, but had poor head retention and lacked any additional flavour I'd expected. Lastly was the Dopplebock which they say in Italiano Doppio Molto. This was probably my favourite, with an extra malt sweetness coming through. Though that was really all. Very pure, clean and easy to drink beers but nothing that really excited me. I really expected this, so there's no bad story here.
Just a Bit of Wood in this Decor

A Pilsner!

Helles Bock!

It Turns Out Brianna Likes Strong Beer (Helles Bock - 7.5%)
Dopple Bock 6.5% (Sixtus)
 Eveline took us to her mum's house for dinner where I met her sister and her sister's boyfriend. We've been taking some very basic introductory lessons in Italian which weren't very helpful! Forunately we have Eveline, who's English is very good, helping us. Her sister Monica and partner, Stefano, also had more English capabilities than we had Italian. The view looking out into the valley from her mum's balcony was really peaceful and amazing.

It was a lovely meal topped off with some prosciutto on melon and pistachio ice cream to follow.
Eveline with prosciutto and melone!
Next stop Friday 12th, which is when I'm writing this sentence. We will be visiting the Roman ruins of Tridentum and taking a cable car to the top of the mountains opposite Trento. I think Brianna will pass out due to her fear of heights, so that could be interesting.

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