Monday, 22 June 2015

Brussels Day 2 (Sunday)

It was very quiet in the streets when we ventured out in the morning around 10:00 am. I thought we'd be in a bit of trouble and much like Bruges may have decided to stay on the quiet days. We had waffles, juice and coffee for breakfast at a small street side stall, which was OK but nothing to write about... oh well, it was a decent breakfast and unlike Bruges meal times didn't seem to be so specific in Brussels, that's what I was writing about!

We did not stay at Delirium Cafe for 7 hours... surely it is not possible. Brianna's watch was wrong.
I didn't then go back there after dinner for a nightcap, that would be silly!

I started with a nice light Troubador Magma Galaxy (2013) edition. I really love this beer but I was annoyed at myself for drinking something I was pretty familiar with. So then I just chose anything I'd not had before... It was a heavy afternoon, I admit. Here is a small beer journey, in pictures.

Another Triple... Beacuse I can
Then I figured you might as well have a Delirium Tremens, being at the Delirium Cafe and all!

I really don't think I should be drinking anymore, not if I'm trying to get a pink elephant drunk!

It was a bit weird to see a stack of tourists rock up to this statue which looked like a 2 year old girl having a wizz on a street side. It's called Jeaneke Pis and is basically a sister statue to Manneken Pis which seems equally as boring. Certianly, when we walked past the Manneken Pis the amount of tourists taking photos had me wondering if there was possibly a show about to start, or another bike rally. However, sadly, this was the not the case, it was just a 2 1/2 foot high statue of a little boy pissing into a pond. The exciting part was probably that he was dressed in Napolean clothes when we first walked past but we haven't seen that again! I also refused to take a photo...

Outside Delirium Cafe, these tourist are photographing Jeaneke Pis
Inside Delirium Cafe

So that was all the beer I had today, I promise... well except the 1/2 Litre Delirium the American Tourist from Florida bought for me and the beer we had later that night. Lovely bloke,but by the end of it, I'm not sure hoe coherent I was. We went back to the hotel to freshen up and put on a jumper as it was about 14 degrees. Really happy we came this way back as it's getting us a little acclimatised for Meloburne weather!

We had dinner in a street that was very similar to Lygon street. That is a bunch of annoying Maitre D's trying to talk you into eating at their restaurant, which looked exactly the same as the next restaurant, by offering you your beer for free. I felt like something simple so I randomly selected one and took a free glass of wine, seriously - wine!

A seriously had a glass of wine.
After a bucket of mussels and a crap wine, I had to get me some more Lambic to finish off the day!

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