Sunday, 21 June 2015

Brussels Day 1 (Saturday)

We left Amsterdam and took a fairly comfortable and half full train to Brussels. I thought the frequent announcement to be aware of pick pockets was just a usual warning on these trains, but as we made it into Belgium the announcement change to "The police and the train station have been informed there are pick pockets on this train..." which makes you start looking around everywhere for someone hiding, possibly under your chair. About 20 minutes later the police led a handcuffed gentleman, rather politely past us to the front of the train: "Monsieur, you came from France?", "Oui, France". Not sure how that worked as we started in Amsterdam at 11:52 am. Maybe a fairly vigourous morning of train hopping? After a fairly relaxing 3 hour train ride we disembared at Brussels central and walked around the block twice before realising that we had, indeed ended up at the point we started. This was fortunate as the street to the hotel was almost directly opposite us. Seems to be a large hotel chain with beds so soft I was surprised I still had breathing space when I woke up the following morning. 

After checking in, we left the hotel in Brussels and walked south for about 10 minutes towards Moeder Lambic, a beer bar that specialises in... you guessed it Lambic beers! Whilst they specialise with this style, this is not all they had on the menu. We were walking through a square when all of a sudden we heard the ringing of many bike bells. Of course Brussels dished up some raving French speaking locals riding their bikes nude for a cause... a cause we can still only guess at, but we assume was worthwhile and involved squishing genitalia against a bike seat whilst riding through a city.

This bike protest (I assume) was literally around the corner from Moeder Lambic, so after clearing my throat we rounded the corned and sat down for a few quick beers.

Brianna was still somewhat surprised by the bike parade
We really liked these magnetic strips for the beers available - easy to change

Large bar! Very nice indeed.

I'm still coming off a hangover in Amsterdam but pushed through for the kids

A whole keg of Delirium Tremens - With matching Stein
Very grand indeed.
We finished off with a lovely French meal and bottle of wine. We had intended to then pop into Delirium cafe, but unfortunately it was a Saturday and the whole area that has the cafe was awash with drunken revelry. So we decided to call it a night and get an early sleep. I believe this was the very first time this had occurred so far on our holiday!

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