Sunday, 7 June 2015

Birra del Borgo - Festival day 2 (day)

Day 2 of the festival and we're dropping in early for the old Brewery tour (separate post). We had a really great time last night sampling some interesting Italian brews and great food. The Birra del Borgo guys have really put on a great show and we've been really impressed with how welcome they've made us feel

Officially unofficial VIPs! We have been given the badge! Tastings are now for free, and a tour of the new brewery at 2:30. Brianna currently  loving her "Donkey Beer" and beef and Ricotta pizza. I must say the pizza was amazeballs!

Brewery tour was great. I will have to upload photos separately.  I have taken many but the app I'm using to blog with crashes on my phone every time I try to add a pre existing photo.
I feel guilty that I haven't been drinking more Birra del Borgo beers, but let's be honest, you've got to save the best for last! Here is the beer list!

Met Joe from Harbour brewing and had a good old chat. He's pointed me in the direction of an accredited brewing course through the institute of Brewing and distilling in the UK. Looks like a great start for me. Jo was a lovely bloke with quite a bit of experience, having worked at 7 brewery's in the UK he's also a self titled brewery whore - all the better for the experience I'd think.

We also met two brewers from Thornbridge, makers of the world renowned Jaipur beer (first time I heard of it was from James and Oz Drink to Britain @ 8:30). Great beer I can also attest as I had one today. Typical to the beer community they were full of helpful advice for new start-ups. It was really great to meet them. Unfortuntely for them we will also be driving them back to the airport today. Mentioned a few Australian brewers they had worked with including 'a guy from bridge road'. Expect that was Ben Kraus?

(L-R  Rob from Thornbridge, Paolo and Leo from Birra del Borgo, me, Brianna, Dom from Thornbridge).

From the festival it looks to me a couple of things for Melbourne to think about for GABS. This marching, dancing, crowd participation band was awesome. Great tempo brass music and moved around getting the whole festival involved. Really great stuff. The bar staff were really involved in the beers. Let's remember I don't speak Italian and I was given and English transliteration of each beer I've tried (so far). Stark comparison to pouring only oriented staff at gabs.
Great, relaxed and cruisy festival. Really good weather and such relaxed revelry.  Well played. Well played.

Over and out for now. Some really special beers to come. We are lucky to be part of a tasting of various vintages of some crazy Birra del Borgo beers and also some interesting ones from Nomad (BdBs Australian brother/sister). So much hospitality we had never expected has made this such an amazing time for us.

Above is the special tasting with some serious beer nerds and brewers. Paolo brought out some never released beers, some crazy beers and some Nomad beers. Notable mentions go to the Etrusca aged in the Amphorae and a 16% Barley wine. The terracotta for the Etrusca ageing was very noticeable. The beer also had a vinous quality that really added an interesting mouthfeel and character to the beer. It was a very interesting example and we, once again, felt it was quite special to be involved.

Catch you next post!

Thanks guys!

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