Saturday, 6 June 2015

Birra del Borgo Festival - day 1

Will things have got off to a great start. After hiring the car for 9 days and not 3, fighting for a refund and getting a GPS we found out won't charge, I thought the karma was all awash with negativity.

But then we had a great drive through some countryside I wish I'd taken photos of. Travelling along at a great rate we arrived at Sant'Elpidio in about 1.5 hours. We only stopped to catch breath before leaving for the festival. It turns out our house hosts 3 separate parties, all of which are going to Birra del Borgo tonight. Not sure how that will pan out later.

At the festival we ran into Paolo and Leo almost instantly. They were very warm introduced us to one of the chefs creating new styled pizzas - think langosh, minus the garlic, add napoli then fresh Italian Pizza toppings. Delicious!
We've had a few beers now but think it's going to be impossible to rate all 200 of them. I have the festival glass and currently drinking a beer named 'clockwork orange', which really tastes like a fairly flat saison. Before that I had a very tasty Ipa. Fortunately the atmosphere is great and the bands start in about 1 hour.

Later in the evening Paolo came over to us to see what we were doing over the next couple of days and has invited us to the 'VIP' events they are holding tomorrow if we wanted. They have brewers from England and Italy and will be going through several experiences with them. We will now be with the likes of Beavertown and Thornbridge (who has their 10th Anniversary next month). We will be with craft beer royalty to say the least. I'm really flattered and excited for tomorrow! He has also mentioned a cheese maker on top of the mountain that we should visit during the festivities to have a siesta and additional experience. 

Viva la Birra del Borgo!

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