Monday, 8 June 2015

Bar Lost in Time and Casa Vacanze

- Edited as I had the bar name wrong!
This afternoon we went to pick up our keys from a town a few kilometres from where we are staying. We were told: Go to Sant'Eldidio, ask Valentino for keys, go to your accommodation. The bar is called "Bar Al Tempo Perso" which translates to "Bar Listing Time".
First time driving in small streets was OK, but probably because there was no other traffic in this quaint little town.
Upon arriving and asking for Valentino everyone started moving around a lot. Now here we are, at the bar lost in time, having a German beer, hoping the key turns up soon! We are due at the festival almost one hour ago!
Edit: keys were made available and we drove around some small curvy streets to Poggio San Giovanni to Casa Vacanza.

Our accomodation was pretty nice, though very quaint. We were in a small village that must have housed no more than 50 people (Poggio San Giovanni). Beautiful place though.

 This was a panorama I attempted with my phone camera... errr. should have started more to the left.

 There was a monument here for soliders who died from this village in world war I and World War II. It seems World War I was significantly worse for them

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