Monday, 8 June 2015

Alba Fucens and Magliano di Marsi

I've started to lose track of days already so I'm mentioning it was Sunday 7/6/2015 for this blog post. Phew. Our fourth day on Holiday and I feel like we're getting quite a bit done for what feels like a super cruisy time.

We decided before going back to the festival for some further drinking to go for a bit of a drive. As we were taking Rob and Dom from Thornbridge to the airport it was probably in English beers best interest that I have a bit more practice driving! We've now had it made known to us that Thornbridge is consistently rated the best brewery in the UK and Rob is the man, and Dom is the 2 IC in the brewery. Their passion for quality was palpable.  Really lucky to have met these guys!

With safety in mind, we headed East about 45 minutes to some Roman ruins we had heard about at Alba Fucens ( An important town during early Roman years as they were in-fighting and trying to blow off Carthage during the second Punic war. It was a pretty amazing drive with the peak of Monte Velino jutting out impressively from the landscape the entire drive. I decided to use the real camera (a not-too-expensive Canon DSLR), so the photos will have to be attached when I have time to upload them. Below is a photo of the peak taken from a town on the way to give an idea.

We  drove through a town called Magliano di Marsi which had, what I could only call a spiritual street art exhibition, going on. As a result the main road was completely blocked off and I happily drove through the eye of a needle (twice) to get through town. We stopped on the way back to see what all the fuss was about and was  greeted with about 300m of woodchips that had been painted with  depictions of various religious events held dear to the town.

There was a cherry picker that you could pay to go up in and get a whole view of the woodchip mural. I elected to stand under it instead and took this photo from the top end:

This wasn't really OK according to the locals. I think I was supposed to pay or maybe they were worried about our welfare,but the locals did talk loudly at me and wave their arms about menacingly, so we quickly moved on. Looking back down the road I took the reverse photo without any dramas:

A lot of work. There must have been 15-20 different pieces combined on this long rug of religious fervor. Each stage had a description of the mural.

We were hoping to make it to Sulmone to pick up a special present for my sister and brother in law. His family comes from this region. We were only about 1 hour away when in Alba Fucens but we had to get back for Rob and Dom. Missed it by 'that much'!

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